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Our Initiatives

1. Ophthalmic Trauma Policy templates for institutions 

2. Ophthalmic Trauma Call Sheets for On-call Residents and Staff

3. AAO Preferred Practice Pattern for ocular trauma and open globe management

4. Ophthalmic trauma proficiency standards and an ophthalmic trauma system of care

In Coordination With:

  • American College of Surgeons (ACS) Committee on Trauma (COT)]
  • Individual practitioners
  • Codify ocular trauma graded skill levels and competencies by ophthalmologists
  • Community hospitals
  • Tertiary care hospitals/ocular trauma centers
  • Codify Ocular trauma center levels similar to American College of Surgeons (ACS) trauma levels
  • Free standing eye hospitals
  • Community hospitals
  • Individual practitioners

5. AAO Annual Meeting

  • Establish dedicated ophthalmic trauma section
  • Trauma Instruction and Skills Transfer Courses in Cornea, Cataract, Hyphema, Globe rupture, Intraocular Foreign Body, Oculoplastics: lid lacerations, orbital fractures, orbital hemorrhage, Pediatric ophthalmic trauma
  • Trauma Paper Section, Trauma Poster Section, Breakfast with the Experts
  • ASOT and Society of Military Ophthalmologists Trauma Symposium

6. Trainee and Continuing Medical Education

  • Annual Meeting dedicated to the management of ophthalmic trauma and national disaster preparedness
  • On Line webinars and other website content and coordination between,, and
  • Focal Points
  • ONE Network
  • BCSC
  • ACGME requirements

7. National Disaster Preparedness Planning

  • Coordinate with ACS to emulate and coordinate with their national system of trauma care

8. Establish Ocular Trauma as an Ophthalmology Subspecialty

9. Establish research network on ophthalmic trauma

10. Establish an ocular trauma registry

11. Education and coordination of care with non-ophthalmologist providers involved in ophthalmic trauma management, including pre-ophthalmologist care, and care under the direction of an ophthalmologist:

  • Nurses
  • Emergency Department Personnel: Physicians, Nurses, PA’s
  • Physician Assistants
  • Ophthalmic Technicians
  • Emergency Medical Technicians and other first responders

12. Patient education on injury prevention and basic first aid

13. Eye MD Advocacy

  • Address medical malpractice liability in ocular trauma care
  • Support remuneration for ocular trauma care on-call coverage

14. Maintain an online forum dedicated to ophthalmic trauma

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